About Me

I really want to keep this short (for so many reasons). I wanted a place to mention the tools that I use, and love.

Tools that you use define what you can do, what feats you can accomplish.


I’m a Ruby on Rails developer from Jaipur, India with focus on automation, API integration and scraper tools. I love to collect data, analyse it and automate the information to get the work done.

When it comes to code, I can literally sit for 16+ hours to write something that I want. I can do it for 7 days in a row, provided the code I am writing is in Ruby/JS. I hate unreadable code, and love to drool over readable, robust, and heavily-commented code. Modularity is a plus-plus, since modularity directly translates to automation.

I have been writing code, improving my productivity since a long time, and I have really grown fond of my dotfiles. Here are some quick links to munch over:

Ruby on Rails

The framework I love, on the language I adore. Ruby reads like English – the one plus, I can’t seem to skip.

My pick for commons gems in RoR app: ActiveAdmin, Devise, Pundit, Sidekiq, Draper, HighVoltage, OmniAuth, Capybara, Poltergeist, FactoryGirl, RSpec, Cucumber and some more. Some other gems that I love: Mechanize, Faraday, Apartment, PGSearch, etc.


Oh, VIM! Definitely, VIM! My love for Vim is apparent from the 2100+ lines of code I have written in VimL to make the editor behave exactly as I want. Granted one-third of that code is just visual-glue, it is a priced possession anyways.


ZSH rocks! More so, when combined with Oh-My-ZSH. Again, I have written extensive dotfile config for my Shell.


TMux deserves a mention. Makes pair-coding so easy, plus even on a local machine, its a breeze to work with.


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