Finally. A Self-hosted Gitlab Instance!

Alright. I seem to be pretty happy today. I think any stupid developer, like me, would be in the given circumstances. If you are aware about the existance of a very nifty witchcraft named Github, then, I am sure you will be equally happy for me.

Github is magic. A protective one.

For those unaware, Github is a code hosting platform. It allows me to write my code and then, keep it safe and versioned in their platform. That way, my code is always there for me. I can share code with other developers, as well as fork their work and modify it, locally. And, so on. The cool thing is that the service is really amazing and free for open-source projects.

However, there are times when a person needs some privacy, even with the code, he writes. Especially, with the code, he writes. I, often, used Github’s private repositories for this purpose. But, with a recent project, I was aiming to create around 100 different private repositories, which was a bit unmanageable with Github. I know, I know. I must not need that much private repositories. But, what can I do about it if the project specification itself demand for the same.

Therefore, I began looking at private repository hosts, and BitBucket seemed to be off, for some reasons. Finally, I settled on using GitlabHQ for my purposes. It offered everything Github had to offer, and more. More in the sense, that I can host things privately on my own server. Perfect.

And, since I was already using DigitalOcean for hosting my server, and was using Ubuntu 12.10 as my operating system, it became really easy to install Gitlab on my server. Followed this tutorial from DigitialOcean’s community tutorials, and I was up and running with my own private repository server.

I was, further, planning to install Gitlab CI on my server, but that seemed to be an overkill, since I do not think I will need continuous integration for my private projects, and for public projects, we have another awesome witchcraft named Travis CI.

O’course, you can test drive this on Git @WickedDevelopers.
Happy, code browsing!

- by Nikhil Gupta


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