The Overdue Silence

It’s wonderful. This new year. The 2014.
Everything seems different – not in their appearance or behaviour or properties, but it feels like things have a new soul, or like an invisible painting has been performed on them to give them a more living feeling.

I know. I know. New year, sometimes, have such an effect on individuals, and I am no different. I am a person who appreciates art, and the new year just happens to bring so much of it. So, let me first wish a new year to you and to me, with a wish that this year will give us the ever-elusive satisfaction every one wants in their life, that this year will bring us closer to our dreams – the precious!

The Apology

Via this blog post, I wanted to put an excuse to my blog for not being able to post for the last two months, and I am still wondering on one. All I can say is that:

We, the mere humans, are lazy.
We, the mere humans, can never stick to our promises, no matter how special.

To be honest, I got involved with a ruby gem that tried to convert text markup from one language to another, e.g. from Markdown to Textile markup, or maybe from Org Mode to Markdown, and so on. Oh, and not only that, I was in the process of picking up a partner for a few startups I had in my mind, and was building up on them.

Later, when I was about missing my newly-refreshed blog, things in my personal life took some turn – my dad suffered from heart strokes – two of them – in a matter of days. Life sucks for such things.

Moreover, I am really fighting with myself to put an end to my 9-5 job. I have been wanting to end it since an year, now, and finally, I have decided to do this. Yeah, I went over this decision, slept over it and what not. A 9-5 government job that has no relation to what I love, what I am passionate about simply does not make any sense to me or to anyone who knows my affair with programming and computers, anymore.

Having settled the reasons, all I can say is that I plan on posting regularly, though I won’t make a promise, but I will post when possible.


I hate resolutions. They bind me for the things I do not want to do. Now, you would ask:

Why only things that you do not want to do?

Because, if I really wanted to do something, I won’t wait for the new year to happen.

Alright, but even then, resolutions are good, right?

No! They are evil. They tell me to do something against my freewill. And, hence, I already know, I won’t listen to them after sometime, anyways.

Okay, so you don’t plan on changing yourself, for the good?

Who said, I don’t want to do that. You must first tell me what’s wrong with me, for this conversation to work out.

The First Month

Oh, yes, I have a few simple plans for this month, which include:

  • posting a timeline of the major events from my life on this blog.
  • start work on one of the startup ideas I had in my mind.
  • resign from my 9-5 job and leave the government to work on its own.
  • pack up and go live in a place with a better climate by the end of the month.
  • photography visits nearly every week
- by Nikhil Gupta


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