The Bizarre Events of the Last Week

I had a road accident few days back, and I broke my jaw. Doctors added metal plates in my jaw, and put temporarily braces in my mouth and told me not to speak for a complete month. Fortunately, I suffered no other injuries, but the doctors also put me on a liquid diet.

Normally, such a post would make into my diary, but considering the interest generated by my friends and my clients, I preferred to write it all down here. This post is supposed to provide an overview of the chronological order of the incidents, and that’s the sole purpose of this post.

It was a Thursday evening, and having spent the entire day deducing the perfect User Interface for some end-users, I surely deserved a few rounds. I went to a lounge named 100% Rock (or, TC – which, I heavily despise for the fact that most of their crowd is comprised of high school students). My best friend was to meet me over there, as she wanted a confirmation about her current boyfriend.

I wonder why?

Maybe, she thinks I am a better judge of human personna? How amusing! :P

After a few drinks and endless talks, we parted and I reached over to my bike, which I find absolutely stunning in those street-lamps. I started my bike and enjoyed the cool breeze in the summer nights. It must be midnight.

A thought puzzled up in my mind, and I called up a close friend to discuss something. As soon as I hanged up the phone, I had already crashed into an animal that crossed the road from nowhere. The road was dark black. That animal was black. I could only make out that the road had no lights, and there was possibly no way to reach me by simply stating the directions to someone on phone.

I was bleeding profusely from my mouth. It seemed that my jaw had been dislocated and I could barely breathe. I had to call someone to get me to nearest first-aid, but the road was empty and the road was dark. Oh, wow.. We do not have a 911 emergency number in India. So, somehow, I called up at my house (which was fortunately nearby), and asked them to come pick me up. Since, I knew it would be harder for them to find me since I could not give them a pin point direction, I rode my bike again, and parked it at a place where they can spot me. That place was around 3 KMs from the initial accident location, and I am not sure how I made through these 3 KMs, probably foolish, but saved atleast 15 minutes of time which would have been wasted finding my exact location earlier.

Anyways, I was admitted in Emergency and they stitched me up, and asked me to visit a Plastic Surgeon in the morning. I felt there was no big deal, as the pain killers have started to kick in by this time, and I could easily speak and all. I felt it was a normal accident.

So, the next day I went to this doctor, and made him see some of the scans, etc. and expected him to say something like its a normal thing and that I was okay. Instead, he said, “Your jaw has been fractured. We need to insert metal supports and probably, wire up your mouth for a month long”. That last line killed me. I don’t care if they need to insert metal supports or if my jaw was fractured. I hate those wire braces, and more than I hate not speaking. I can’t can’t-speak for more than 5 minutes.

Anyways, I was admitted for the above, and I asked the doctors to put me in a public ward instead of a private one. The reason seemed obvious to me. I knew the injury was quite too much for me, but I also knew it was not a really big deal, which was confirmed once I had been shifted to a public ward. I saw a guy with his legs joined to each other with metal support and what not. For the first time in my life, hospitals did not make me sick, that environment did not make me leave it, but instead I could find the courage I lacked in the sufferrings of the persons lying around me. All I had to think was probably, I was saved, or probably, God was being funnier. He left you to do anything and everything else you want, just prohibited you from speaking for some unknown reasons.

Well, they first sealed my mouth as they said – horizontally and vertically. I could not make a movement inside my mouth. And, then, they operated me and inserted some small metal plates for support. I could not feel those plates, cannot feel them still, but I could feel those wires around my mouth, and I was immediately reminded of the Tom Hardy character (Bane) from the Dark Knight rises – the only difference being the metal is all inside my mouth :)

Anyways, I am back home, and I am still pondering on how to best spend this next one month, but I am sure things could have gone a lot worse than that, but I have been saved.

- by Nikhil Gupta


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