401 Unoauthorized With OmniAuth Twitter and Pow Domains

As stated a few posts back, I have switched to using Pow for managing my hosts configuration.

Recently, I was using omniauth-twitter to authenticate a client for my Rails application. When trying to access the application’s oauth url for twitter, i.e. /auth/twitter via the pow based domain I was getting a 401 unauthorized error, while accessing it via the Webrick’s http://localhost:3000 worked fine.

I was scratching my heads over the reason, when I noticed that I was using Environment variables in my provider definition, and I wondered probably Pow does not have access to these variables? I use dotenv and was pretty sure webrick had access to these Environment variables.

So, I googled for a while and found that Pow actually does not have access to dotenv based variables. Instead, it does allow setting them via a .powenv file. Therefore, I ran the following commands to configure all this from my Rails’ root path:

echo 'export TWITTER_KEY=<MY-TWITTER-KEY>' >> .powenv
echo 'export TWITTER_SECRET=<MY-TWITTER-SECRET>' >> .powenv
touch tmp/restart.txt

And, voila! I can now access my oauth workflow, simply.

- by Nikhil Gupta


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