Generating Color Schemes using OKLCH colorspace


oklch(79.93% 0.0902 59.91)

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Swatch (lightness)






Split Complimentary


Triadic (inclusive)


Tetradic (inclusive)

I created this utility to experiment with the OKLCH colorspace and for refreshing my knowledge of color theory and SvelteJS. It was created over a weekend and does not use any server side code. Although, it has many features that are comparable to popular color generators, it is still a fun little tool hosted on Vercel.

If you believe the tool can be improved in some way, please feel free to reach me via email. My email is provided at the bottom of the page.


  • Allow exporting color palettes (and/or currently zoomed one).
  • Double click on a color to set it as base color.


  • Allow sharing of color-palettes by linking to a permalink.
  • Single click on a color to copy it.
  • Bug in input for hex color - user can not type a hex color.
  • Random color should also vary in chroma instead of being fixed at max chroma.
  • Highlight base color in all palettes.
  • Lightness in Color palettes (e.g. triadic, tetradic, etc) should be relative to base color.